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Review: Toro Y Moi, Causers of This

Toro Y Moi is Chazwick Bundick, Causers of This is his first album.  His music seems to combine an interest in 1980s synth pop with low fi production, weak warbling vocals, and heavy effects processing.  Toto Y Moi is sometimes cited as a practitioner of chillwave.

When novice music producers first figure out how to add effects to a track they tend to make one of two common mistakes.  The first is to load so many effects onto a track that it gets lost in noise.  The other is to become enamored with an effect and lather it on everything.  This is the  mistake Bundick makes.  It sounds like he fell in love with a pulsing effect that operates in a steady, monotonous pattern, thought it sounded trippy, and used it to excess on most of the tracks on Causers of This.  What could have been a nice effect if used judiciously and sparingly very quickly turns into a major annoyance.  Beginning to wear out its welcome by the end of the first track, it’s enough to make you consider turning the CD into a coaster for your next glass of iced tea well before the album ends.

You need more than one effect coupled with some fairly by-the-numbers synth-pop to make an album.  With more growth and experience Toro Y Moi might develop in an interesting direction but for now he’s not quite ready for prime time.

The title track from Causers of This


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