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Review: Pantha Du Prince, Black Noise

Pantha Du Prince is German electronic music producer Hendrick Weber.  Black Noise is his third album and it’s gorgeous.

Pantha Du Prince’s music is usually categorized as minimal techno.  I don’t know if this is a good categorization or not.  To me, he sounds more interested in melody than the music producers and DJs who are usually given the minimal techno label and his music often doesn’t sound too minimal to me.  While Pantha Du Prince makes good use of space, there is a lot going on in his tracks.  It may be quiet, but there’s a lot there.

Weber often uses chime and bell-like timbres or percussion instruments like marimbas and xylophones to carry melody or provide texture which gives his music an ethereal, mysterious quality.  He also favors quiet, slightly discordant drones as textural devices.  Rhythm can be carried by a complex of changing instruments throughout a track.  This is music that is as much or more about listening as it is about dancing.

Black Noise is a quiet album and won’t satisfy during those moments when you want high energy music.  However. it’s also the kind of album that reveals more of interest the more time you spend giving it your attention.  It took me awhile to get into Black Noise but once I gave it several listens it began to reveal its secrets and Pantha Du Prince had me hooked.

Opening track, “Lay in Shimmer”


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