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Tuned In

This is a blog about music.  I don’t remember when I first tuned in to music, it was early in my life and it’s been an enduring passion for a long time.  Tuned In To Music will have reviews, lots of reviews, stories about live gigs, thoughts on music in our lives and culture, discussions of issues regarding music tech and anything else related to music that seems worth including.

A new phase is now underway.  In addition to listening, loving and talking about music, I’ve started making music to share with others.  I’m now the Parametric Monkey and tracks can be streamed from the Parametric Monkey page on Tuned In To Music and from the Parametric Monkey pages on myspace and facebook.  The stream with the best sound quality is the one here at Tuned In To Music.

Tuned In To Music also has a series of podcasts that are like radio shows featuring both music and talk (mostly music) focused on a variety of topics of musical interest.  A list of the podcasts in the series along with the RSS feed for subscribing to the Tuned In To Music podcasts and links to each individual podcast can be found by clicking on the Podcasts button at the top of this page.




  1. Thank You

    Comment by Alex | 05/25/2007 | Reply

  2. Hey paramonk,
    i would ask you if you would linking my blog. it’s a german blog about music but only in german. and mabye it would be a good idea to link our blogs because the german users could blog on my blog and the englisch visitors could visit your blog. i would link your blog on my blog.
    and i know my blog is not the best i’m very new on wordpress and i work every day on my blog with my best friend. and in some weeks we will have a lots of more articels !
    Thank you for reading 😉 hope i will get an answer.

    Comment by Stadtmusiker | 02/24/2011 | Reply

  3. All websites require hosting, so to get started blogging for your business,
    you need to choose a host. After you complete that,
    go down to the Tags field and enter tags for your entry.

    Comment by Anitra | 02/10/2014 | Reply

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