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Molten Rolled (uploaded 08/01/2011)


Molten Rolled  


A Choired Taste (uploaded 05/24/2010)


Mochaka’s Groove (uploaded 04/29/2010)


Horns of the Moon (Mx Mix) (uploaded 03/27/2010)


My career as Parametric Monkey began on March 27, 2010 when “Horns of the Moon” my first song that I thought was ready for people to hear was uploaded to the internet.  It was the first step down a path I always wanted to follow.You hear music as a kid and something magical happens.  You tune into it in ways you haven’t experienced with other things.  It makes you feel good; you love it.    You seek it out.  It makes you happy.  Time goes by.

At first, you’re happy just to listen and groove along.  Certain rhythms seem to match your own and you learn to dance.  Then one day you go somewhere and hear a band play live and the immensity of that sound stuns you.  You want more.  Time goes by.

You catch bands playing live whenever you can and even when you can hear that they’re not really very good you still enjoy it.  You want to make music too.  You get a cheap instrument and find out it’s harder than it looks.  Time goes by.

You keep listening.  You keep dancing.  You try a different instrument.  But there’s always so many other things to do.  The love never fades but time goes by.  Sometimes a lot of time goes by.

For about a year now I’ve been struggling to get a handle on electronic music production.  Digital technology has revolutionized the making of music.  You can do extraordinary things with a computer and the right software.  Compose, arrange, mix, play an astonishing variety of instruments, make up your own instruments, sculpt your own sounds and timbres and turn them into instruments.  It’s unbelievable.  It’s also a lot to learn and it’s easy to get lost and confused.

But you can find your way.  “Horns of the Moon” is just one song.  But it’s one more than I ever had before and I’m working on the next one.  It’s been a long time coming.


“Horns of the Moon” is now available from Amazon MP3 Downloads (April 1, 2010)


“Horns of the Moon” is now available on Rhapsody

“Horns of the Moon” is also available on lala (April 4,2010)


“Horns of the Moon” is now available at Zune (April 8, 2010)


“Horns of the Moon” is now available at iTunes. (April, 9, 2010)


The Mx Mix of  Horns of the Moon which is remixed and mastered for improved sound is now streaming from this page. (April 22, 2010)


The Mx Mix of Horns of the Moon is up at Amazon MP3 Downloads, Zune and iTunes.  Mochaka’s Groove is up at Amazon MP3 Downloads and is in the que at Zune and iTunes. (May 5, 2010)




  1. I love the “layered-ness” of it! Keep it up and share.

    I so relate to the experience of having music be the root of happiness as a kid and into adulthood. Inspired by Flea, I picked up the bass and then realized quickly that it was oh so much harder to play than I thought.

    I am very inspired to go pick up my guitar and make some music. Maybe after my psychology career, I’ll go and try out the career of my past life – a musician.

    Thank you so much for the music. I’ll spread the word and congrats on a creation that most of us music buffs merely contemplate doing.

    Comment by Marsha | 04/02/2010 | Reply

  2. I was only listening to this on my laptop speakers and I can still hear the mixing intricacies! Turned my crappy speakers into quasi-surround sound (180 degrees?)! Awesome.

    Comment by Marsha | 04/29/2010 | Reply

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