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The Tuned In To Music podcasts are like radio shows that have music and talk about topics of musical interest.  New podcasts will be announced in the Tuned In To Music blog (click Home at the top of this page). 

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Below is a list of the Tuned In To Music podcasts with links to each podcast.

Tuned In To Music 001 – The Paradise Garage (Part 1)

The Paradise Garage was a semi-underground dance club that was open in New York between 1977 and 1987.  The Garage and its famous DJ Larry Levan have become legendary in the nightworld of underground dance.  Through his broad musical tastes and extraordinary ability to communicate with his dancers through music Levan built an atmosphere of tolerance and shared community at the Garage that was one of the roots of the house, garage and techno genres, and their many offshoots, that followed in his wake.  With both talk and music this podcast will let you revisit the Paradise Garage.  Most of the tracks heard on the show are extended dancefloor mixes.


Tuned In To Music 002 – The Paradise Garage (Part 2) Larry Levan

We return to the Paradise Garage for our second podcast which spotlights remixes created by the Garage’s revered DJ, Larry Levan.  Building on his success as a DJ, Levan began to remix songs expressly for his dancefloor.  He was so good at it that almost overnight he became one of the most sought after remixers in the business.  In this podcast you can learn about Levan and hear some the remixes that brought him fame beyond the dancefloor.  All of the tracks in the show are Levan’s full extended remixes.


Tuned In To Music 003 – What’s Up With Scotland?

Scotland is a fairly small country that has produced an extraordinarily wide and deep range of music.  In this podcast we listen to some Scottish pop and rock music and musicians from the 1960’s to today.  If you haven’t tuned in to Scotland, you may be surprised at how many bands and how many different kinds of music you’ll find there.  I certainly was.


Tuned In To Music 004 – Live, In Concert

When the lightening strikes, live music can be magical.  While watching Live Earth it dawned on me that podcasts are a great way to present music recorded live without interruption.  The result is the first of what I hope will be a series of podcasts trying to catch that lightening in a podcast bottle (a podtle?) bringing you mini-festivals of music recorded live, presented without interruption. and designed to get you off.


Tune In To Music 005 – Playlist 1

Tuned In To Music’s Playlists are freeform podcasts devoted to presenting some of the good music we have been listening to and reviewing in the blog.  Tune in and hear some tunes you like or turn on to something new. 

This Playlist features music by Paul McCartney, The Earlies, Arctic Monkeys, The Bravery, Kaiser Chiefs, and Ojos de Brujo.

NOTE: An error which caused the wrong podcast to load when the link below was clicked has been corrected.


Tuned In To Music 006 – Jingo: Listening with Open Ears

In this podcast we listen to three versions of the song Jingo: the original written by a kid from a small village in Nigeria who dreamed of coming to the US, a version that became a signature song for a megastar Latin Rock group, and a disco version that became an international dance hit. The story of Jingo illustrates what can happen when people refuse to be limited by musical categories and listen to music with open ears.


Tuned In To Music 007 – 1960’s San Francisco (Part 1)

This is the first of two podcasts devoted to a survey of the first wave of bands that came out of San Francisco in the mid to late 1960’s.  Some became megastars and some never did much after their first album but they all burst onto the scene playing great music that defined both a musical genre and a cultural phenomenon.  In this podcast we listen to the music of Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and the Fish, and Moby Grape.


Tuned In To Music 008 – 1960’s San Francisco (Part 2)

This is the second of two podcasts devoted to a survey of the first wave of bands that came out of San Francisco in the mid to late 1960’s.  Some became megastars and some never did much after their first album but they all burst onto the scene playing great music that defined both a musical genre and a cultural phenomenon.  In this podcast we listen to the music of Big Brother and the Holding Company, the Grateful Dead, and Quicksilver Messenger Service.


Tuned In To Music 009 – Tom Moulton (Part 1) “A Tom Moulton Mix”

Tom Moulton was one of the greatest mixers and may very well have been the greatest innovator of all time in the world of dance music.  He not only “invented” the 12″ single and the extended “disco” break, he was the one who came up with the very idea of a remix in the first place.  This is the first of two podcasts devoted to the mixes and the innovations of Tom Moulton.


Tuned In To Music 010 – Tom Moulton (Part 2) Accidental Discoveries

This is the second of two podcasts devoted to the brilliant and innovative mixer and remixer Tom Moulton.  In this podcast we examine  Moulton’s “accidental discoveries” of the extended disco break, the remix, and the 12 inch single and listen to some rare examples of each.

An file upload problem that cut off the end of this podcast has been discovered and corrected.   The entire podcast is now available. 


Tuned In To Music 011 – 1960’s San Francisco (Part 3) The Second Wave

This is the third in a series of podcasts devoted to the music of San Francisco in the late 1960s.  In this podacst we listen to some of the second wave San Francisco bands that began forming around 1967 when many of the first wave bands were releasing their first records.  The second wave San Francisco bands are notable for the wide variety of music they produced and we sample some of that variety here.  In this podcast we listen to the music of Sly and the Family Stone, It’s a Beyootiful Day, The Sons of Champlin, Dinosaurs and Santana.


Tuned In To Music 012 – Larry Levan (Part 2)

Larry Levan, the superstar DJ at the Paradise Garage, had a fine ear for music and an exceptional ability to put together music in the club that sent his dancers into orbit.  After conquering the dance floor, he brought his live deejaying skills into the studio and became one of the most successful dance remixers of the late 1970s and early 1980s.  This is our second podcast featuring the extended remixes that Levan created for the Paradise Garage. 


Tuned In To Music 013 – Music Without Words 

In Music Without Words we lock the vocalists out of the studio and listen to a program of purely instrumental music.  Sometimes bands that feature vocalists turn out an instrumental song or two, sometimes musicians are equally comfortable writing both vocal and instrumental songs, sometimes music focuses on rhythm rather than melody and vocals become less important.  And sometimes the band just lets loose and plays.  Hear examples of all these things as we present music from Justice, The Allman Brothers Band, Frank Zappa and much more in Music Without Words.


Tuned In To Music 014 – The Girls in the Band

In our previous podcast we locked the singers out of the studio; in this one we let them back in.  The Girls in the Band presents music from six bands that feature women vocalists.  All of the groups identify themselves as bands, it’s not about “Marketable Chick and the Nameless Backup Band”.  The bands are also early in their careers.  Some, like Stars and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, have raised a lot of buzz.  Others, like The Vincent Black Shadow and The Duke Spirit haven’t.  At least not yet.  Check them out.  Maybe hear a band you like, maybe find something interesting and new.  In any case, we hope you hear something you like.


Tuned In To Music 015 – Rockin’ the Dancefloor

Throughout recorded history, all over the world, you look at people and you find at least one thing that never changes.  People make music and dance to it.  The music changes, the dances change but humans dance.  Everywhere.  All the time.  Lately a lot of them have been dancing to music that melds elements of rock and electronica with an immense bottom end.  In this program we join them with tracks from Justice, Digitalism, !!!, Daft Punk and more, because . . .  heh . . .   we’re human after all.


Tuned In To Music 016 – Bootsy Collins (Part 1) Bootsy in the Band

Bootsy Collins was not only one of the great funk bass players of the 1970s, he was one of the great bass players of all time.  Most musicians who begin their career as side men spend years climbing the mountain of national recognition before they reach the top, if they ever do.  Bootsy started at the summit when he first appeared as James Brown’s 19 year old bass player in 1971.  In this, the first of two podcasts devoted to the Bootzilla, we listen to Bootsy playing with James Brown, the JBs, Parliament and Funkadelic.


Tuned In To Music 017 – New Year’s Eve Live

While everyone else parties the guys in the band get down to it. New Year’s Eve has become famous for brilliant performances by some of the world’s top musicians. In this podacst we listen to live New Year’s Eve recordings from three monster guitar players – Stevie Ray Vaughan, Warren Haynes from Gov’t Mule, and Jimi Hendrix. Happy New Year everyone.



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